Monday, August 10, 2009

Photoshop happens.

I know that Photoshop is just a way of celebrity-magazine life. And I have to begrudgingly respect SELF magazine for coming out and admitting that they messed with Kelly Clarkson's bod on their latest cover, which looks like this:

Which is pretty not similar to her real body, which actually looks like this:

(Sidenote: When I searched for "Kelly Clarkson" on Google Images, "Kelly Clarkson fat" came up as a suggestion. Oof.) Anyway, I guess Clarkson is fine with SELF's editing, too, because she hasn't come out and lambasted them or anything like that.

I just have one ickle, little qualm: The fact that SELF knew what they were doing all along and still used the headline "Stay true to you and everyone else will love you, too!" Awful, ironic coincidence? I think not.

+ Photos courtesy of TV Guide and Getty

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