Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC - Episode 1, Part 2

Next up: We Are Heroes, who describe themselves as: "we're just artistic, and we're women." And one of their members proclaims, "My dad doesn't want to see my dance at all, I'm trying to prove myself to him. I have to." I feel like with every Asian crew on ABDC, there's always some kind of awful child-family relationship. But whatever; here's their performance:

Really synced up, lots of American Apparel and cleavage, did some Matrix type shit that was super-impressive. They said they want to finish what Beat Freaks started last season, but from what I just saw, they've definitely got more flexibility (uh, like physically and stylistically).

Judges' quotes:

Mario: "You all are my heroes, that was tight!" Oh, Mario.

Lil Mama: "It was a little slow ... but you guys are definitely, definitely talented, and worth being here in this competition. ... I love women who come to the show and bring strength ... what I would ask for in future shows is bring more confidence, but you guys are off the chain."

JC: "You guys pop really hard, so that's fun to watch."

Shane: "We Are Heroes, in the house!"

Oh Shane! So eloquent. What a goof.

Next was AfroBoriké from Las Vegas, a mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican. They performed to Marc Anthony, wearing some bras and hot pants with their nation's flags (super-classy; a lot of butt-curve was on display), and with more of a traditionally ethnic style than the kind of shit you see in Pitbull videos.

JC: "There's so much depth in this group ... any dancer loves the movie 'Dirty Dancing,' and it's very sexy to see people partnered up."

Shane: "The energy, we're gonna need that. Choreography-wise, I think you need to broaden your vocabulary a little bit more."

Lil Mama: "I don't want to disagree, but I will say ... I just think you guys should be more together. I love it, just bring it."

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