Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC - Episode 1, Part 5

Who's staying: Massive Monkees; Artistry in Motion

Sudden-death: Southern Movement

Next up: Rhythm City

I think it's really bad on my part that I can recognize that all their clothes are from Urban Outfitters. But anyway, I really liked the second part of their performance; not so hot on the first half. I felt like things sped up a lot and got more spontaneous toward the end (especially with that crazy chest cell phone thing), and the judges agreed:

Shane: "From the choreography, y'all killed it; the look, y'all killed it; transitions, y'all killed it ... Y'all nailed everything."

Lil Mama: "I definitely agree with Shane. ... Let's get it." (What does that even MEAN? Lil Mama, is Paula Abdul your secret parent?!)

JC: "I'm gonna have to say that was probably the cleanest performance we've seen so far tonight. It's in the details; easily, you're my favorites so far."

After that came Fr3sh, who want to be "America's best dance crew, not America's best Asian dance crew." That's going to be hard, you know, cuz they're ... all ... Asian. But they go way harder than Kaba Modern did - maybe that's the Jersey in them or something.

JC: "You know what, Dirty Jersey's in the house. Goodness gracious. ... I would say, when you're doing an aggressive dance, the last thing I would think of is Tinkerbell. So be cognizant."

Shane: "You all were like, so street tonight. ... That's what I call real dancing."

Lil Mama: "We need something different, we need something fun, and yeah, I agree. It was good."

LASTLY: All-gay crew Vogue Evolution, whose centerpiece is Leiomy, a transgendered woman who Beyonce has supposedly been jacking moves from. This shit is intense; trust.

Here's what everyone said:

Lil Mama: "You guys are perfect. ... I think that you guys are definitely bringing a new element to the show - it's new, it's hot, it's interesting. It's daring, and when I say daring, I dare you to go, I dare you to make it, I dare you to win - and no one is going to expect a group like yours to be America's Best Dance Crew. ... But you gotta bring it."

JC: "What I like about this group is that I like the fact that you guys are battle-tested. You've already been competing ... and what I like choreography-wise is the levels ... the drama, of course, was wonderful. Leiomy, I felt like I was watching 'Flashdance' at the end."

Shane: "I don't know how to feel right now. ... Y'all just ripped the stage, but I didn't know what to expect. You all are so committed to what y'all do, and it's about time for this style to be exposed. ... Thank you."

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