Saturday, August 29, 2009

Defending the Gypsies, Madonna-style.

I love high fashion; I think it's stupid and conceited and exorbitantly priced, but I also think some of those clothes can be staggering works of art that are mad fucking impressive. I'm not saying a Chanel dress is similar to a Dali painting or something, but I do think there are some undeniable talents in the fashion world.

But the industry as a whole, and the stupid shit it does to stay faux-hip, will always infuriate me. High fashion is a dream world, and it should stay that way - when it attempts to connect with the real world, it loses the illusion that drives it.

That's why things like this, a Vogue photo spread with Kate Moss where she supposedly "lived with the Gypsies" during the two day shoot, piss me the hell off.

This is a spread about bohemian fashion in the upcoming fall season. Linking expensive bleached denim vests and high-heels with the actual fucking problems that groups like the Gypsies have to deal with is egotistical shit, and touting the fact that Moss stayed with them for a couple of days is even more despicable.

Let's be real; I hope the Gypsies secretly jacked some of Vogue's shit. Is photographer Iain McKell missing a camera, or did Anna Wintour not get a dress back? That'd be boss.

+ Photos courtesy of Just Jared

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