Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eye candy.

Few things are giving me joy today. So instead, I must take happiness from the nerdiest of places. Behold, my geekiness:

1. Official pictures of what the Harry Potter theme park is supposed to look like ARE NOW AVAILABLE. I now want to buy my ticket immediately.

Dumbledore's office. Fucking sweet.

A rollercoaster called "Flight of the Hippogriff." I'm down.

Hogsmeade ...

... and HONEYDUKES. Which means candy. Which means I'm fat. Oh well, no surprises there.

2. Also exciting? This list of the most anticipated movies of 2010. Some of these movies sucked ("Alice in Wonderland," I'm looking at you), but there are a few others I'm pretty psyched for:

Robin Hood, May 14. I don't know, I like Russell Crowe in things that look epic. "Gladiator" had a huge effect on me. Fuck you, deal with it.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, May 28. Am I actually excited about this movie? No. Will I go and heckle it mercilessly? Yes. I expected better of you, Jake Gyllenhaal.

The A-Team, June 11. Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley in one place? Yeah, I'll take it.

Inception, June 18. Leo + Christopher Nolan = Love.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, November 19. Why do I have to wait this fucking long for this movie?

Tron Legacy, December 17. And for this one? Something is wrong with the world.

3. I'm no longer excited, since I have to wait so long for "Harry Potter" and "Tron Legacy." Great. I'm going back to my shitty day.

+ Photos courtesy of Yahoo Movies

My last rage-fueled post ... at least for a couple of hours.

I have moments where I really, really like Lil Wayne, and more moments where I really, really like Eminem; he reminds me of a simpler time, like before it was 2010. This music video for "Drop the World" is a pretty solid demonstration of that breakdown.

Angry Eminem? Great. But this video is also filled with angry skater punks who seem more well-suited to a Rise Against video, and since this is Lil Wayne's track, I'm going to hazard a guess and say he thought such a group of hipster-ish youngsters would fit better with that whole him-becoming-a-rock-star thing. Negative, sir. Tim McIlrath wants his concept back.

P.S. He is more attractive than both of you. Enjoy your time in prison, Weezy.

Nicki Minaj, you are like Lil Kim's trashier doppelganger.

Also, in my sleep-lacking haze, I've decided that Nicki Minaj is doing more for setting women back than like, actual misogynists.


Yup, she did just say her flow is "tighter than a dick in the butt" and that she "never let a D-boy boink for free."Oh, and she also said she's Muslim. I'm sorry, what? On behalf of my people, I vote we kick her out. We're good without epic slorebags, thanks.

Vampire Weekend, another white thing I like.

2 a.m. Can't sleep. Turned on mtvU. Was met by the best, most bizarre music video I've sen in a very fucking long time.

Vampire Weekend. Plus RZA. Plus Joe Jonas. Plus Daft Punk. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal. Plus Lil Jon. WTF IS GOING ON MY BRAIN HURTS I LOVE THIS. Fuck your "Telephone" shit, Gaga! This is the way to my heart.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, I just dunno.

I often have super-strong opinions about things. Like, how much I fucking hate Miley Cyrus for saying her dream boyfriend is Kurt Cobain. Bitch, you are retarded and like, two decades late.

But on these, I'm not so sure ... like, I understand their merit. But I'm also bummed.

1. James Cameron confirms he's going to update "Titanic" with 3-D effects and release the film in 2012, the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking. Sigh. Why, James Cameron, why? I'm watching "Titanic" now on TNT and it's perfectly fine.

It's actually quite good. Is this just another attempt to get the No. 1 film in the world - like, have 3-D "Titanic" be No. 1, and then "Avatar" be No. 2, and then regular "Titanic" at No. 3? God, James Cameron, you're the worst.

2. I guess I'm late on this, but I didn't know that Christopher Nolan is actively working on a "Superman" film. Apparently it would be like "Batman Begins" and somewhat of a departure from all the previous "Superman" flicks, and I'm OK with that, because some of them are horrible (ahem, "Superman Returns"). But I just can't see the kind of dark, macabre tone from "Batman Begins" adapted to the shiny, staunchly uptight world of "Superman."

And yeah, I know that story also mentions that a third "Batman" film is still being discussed, but I want all Michael Caine and Christian Bale, all the time! I'm not even going to bring up Heath Ledger, cuz I'll weep. Yup, I feel the tears now.

3. I have the Jeffrey Campbell Tick, so I can't pretend that I totally hate these. But they're just ... so confusing.

So many cut-outs! So much pleather! I feel nauseous. And am determinedly not reaching for my credit card.

+ Photos courtesy of Fanpop, ObsessedwithFilm, Karmaloop

Those silly kids and their silly choices.

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards were last night, and events like this always make me laugh. Like, you're inviting a mix of teenagers and adults to an event that's chosen by kids who generally vote by their obsession, not any knowledge of real talent. Hence: Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus won awards. You get my gist.

But yeah, here are some of my fave outfits from last night - they veer between actually classy and vaguely trashy. So, the Hollywood usual.

BAD: Allison Iraheta of "American Idol." I mean, holy crap, does Manic Panic sponsor this chick? Because WOW this is awful.

BAD: Jackson Rathbone of "Twilight." This guy played Jasper in the first "Twilight" movie, and I guess that gives him enough fame to get invited to this event and dress like such a douche? Can't Stephenie Meyer put an end to this?

BAD: Justin Bieber. I love dumb sneakers. I have a huge collection of dumb sneakers. But wearing such dumb sneakers on the red carpet, just in an attempt to capitalize on being so young and hip? That shouldn't be acceptable.

BAD: Melanie Brown, former Scary Spice, and Katy Perry. Dear God, women. Put some goddamn clothes on. Or at least wear a shirt that isn't see-through, Miss Scary.

BAD: Rihanna, onstage and off. '80s prom dress meets Army fatigues? BLECH. Channeling '80s Madonna? Second BLECH.

GOOD: Miley Cyrus. This is shocking for me, I know. But Miley doesn't look COMPLETELY reprehensible here, which is a big step for her. Yes, leather leggings are stupid, and yes, her hair just looks so fucking ratty, but still. It kills me to acknowledge this, I hope you know.

GOOD: Selena Gomez. She always seems to dress too old for her age, but this outfit is actually really cute: Yellow is a solid seasonal color, the sandals are chic and her hair is great. Good choices, I guess.

GOOD: Rosario Dawson. I want to grow up and be her. Simple as that.

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo, Radaronline

Oh, to be a silly fashion designer ...

Really ugly clothes are always my FAVORITE.

Your Biggest Fan Jacket by sass and bide, $448

Yup, that back looks practical.

For your next time pretending to be Janis Joplin.

Peep-toe denim sneakers ... three words that should never, ever go together. Ever.

+ Photos courtesy of ShopBop

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine > other things.

I saw "Hot Tub Time Machine" Thursday night, and I found it amazingly hilarious. Not necessarily this year's "The Hangover," but honestly still pretty funny. How could you NOT laugh at this trailer?

But weirdly enough, the movie is apparently opening fourth this weekend? Behind "How to Train Your Dragon" at No. 1, "Alice in Wonderland" at No. 2 (vomit) and "The Bounty Hunter" at No. 3 (way more vomit). People who pay to see movies are apparently retarded.

Jack + Rose 4-EVR.

Got my new issue of Nylon today. Has Zoe Saldana from "Avatar" on the cover.

It also included some good stuff, like the fact that Edun, this eco-conscious fashion line that Bono helped start (I know he kind of sucks, but keep reading), is creating a new make-up line for Sephora that will hit stores in May. RealStyleNetwork.com has more info on it; proceeds from the palettes will go toward the Bronx Zoo.

I'm down! The colors look pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty.

Other things I'm a sucker for: The idea that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet could get back together and make all my childhood fantasies come true.

Yeah, yeah, GossipCop tears apart the rumors that Leo broke up Kate's marriage to second husband Sam Mendes. But I NEED this to be true. "Titanic" has to be real! Just not the part where Jack dies.

Fuck that part.

+ Photos courtesy of JustJared, RealStyleNetwork, OMG! Yahoo, Blogspot

So. Much. Red.

I understand the concept of matching your hair to your shoes.

But I think Kat Von D, who showed up at an event Thursday celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Victoria's Secret Swim Catalogue, has taken this ... too seriously.

+ Photo courtesy OMG! Yahoo

A coat that comes in three different lengths is functional, I swear.

Is it wrong to want to dress up like a bird that can spin its head around and hangs out in creepy forests? Cuz like, color me guilty.

Anyway, I'm into it. I also think it would look good with this bizarro zip-away coat.

See, it can go from that to this!

OK, sorry for wasting your time. Go back to doing whatever you were doing before reading this. As long as it wasn't reading another blog. TRAITOR.

+ Photos courtesy Opening Ceremony, Rachel Roy

My closet, and bookcase, won't ever stop growing.

Just found a new way to transform my nerdy love of books with my pathetic love of passion: Out of Print. The company makes T-shirts with classic book covers on them, and then for each shirt you buy, they contribute part of that cost to sending a book to an underprivileged area or community. Kind of like TOMS Shoes, but like, with tops and books I adore.

I already have these on my must-buy list:

And I haven't read this yet, but my boyfriend is a fan, and I was kind of surprised they had it:

Now, if they only had "The Great Gatsby," my life would be complete. Maybe they'd take requests?!

+ Photos courtesy of Out of Print

Do blue and grey go with anything in my closet?

Fringe-y cobalt blue sandals? Nah, I'm good.

Vintage-inspired cobalt blue high heels? Yes please!

+ Photos courtesy of 80s Purple

Put a coat on, lady!

It's getting to be warmer, so I understand the need to move from jeans to shorts and sweaters to tank tops. But there's a line between what's suitable for such weather and what's totally classless, right?

Cuz like, I'm thinking those are classless.

+ Photos courtesy of Karmaloop

Friday, March 26, 2010

No, I didn't like Marilyn Manson.

I had this horribly long portion of my middle-school years where I really, really wanted to be a Goth kid, so I wore lots of black and listened to the Smiths hours on end and cried a lot over gallons of ice cream. Yup, I hate me, too.

But now that I'm older, and somewhat/maybe/a little bit wiser, and actually wear colors, I think I can revisit that part of my life with a sense of humor, no? Enough humor to pull off these:

I mean, I think any faux-Goth look will be better than this travesty on Mischa Barton ...

... which may be a modified version of this dress now on sale at ShopBop. I'm not sure.

Either way, though, I'm not giving it a seal of approval. TOO nasty.

+ Photos courtesy of NastyGalVintage, ShopBop, GoFugYourself