Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly worst-dressed round-up.

Title is self-explanatory, but these past few days had some particularly heinous atrocities. Quick-scan and hold your vomit, if you must.

1. A scruffy, schlubby-looking Spencer Pratt with a T-shirt stating "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN." I don't think any other slogan could be more apt, or more bile-inducing.

2. Oh RiRi. You know I love you. And neon. And acid-wash. And lots of ugly crap that can be dug out of Kmarts from the '80s. But all at once like that? The effect is retina-hurtingly overwhelming.

3. Accessory fucking overkill. Also, bitch tend to those roots. We all know you have the money for it.

4. I shouldn't be surprised that Madonna isn't wearing a lower garment, because honestly, everything she ever did back in her "Like a Virgin" days is what inspired Britney/Gaga/current pop. But she's old enough to join AARP now. Shouldn't pants be MANDATORY at that age?

5. Did Alexa Chung get too excited by the scene in "The Sound of Music" where Maria uses the curtains to make dresses for Captain von Trapp's children? Looks like it.

And this week's breath of fresh air:

Now, I hated Faith on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which really meant that Eliza Dushku was doing a kick-ass job. Good to know that she can clean up nice, too, but she's really not familiar to me without a stake or the Mayor's knife in her hand or something.

Ah, comfort.

+ Photos courtesy of Yahoo, CoffinCafe

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