Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in Black.

Been gone for a few days; sorry for the lack of posts. I'll update a few times tonight to make up for it - some of the news may be old, but this snark is red-hot. (That was lame, but consider it irony or something.)

So, firstly: I haven't really watched "America's Next Top Model" in a while (I think the last season I watched was when Danielle won, which was season six and now holy crap there have been 12 seasons, what?!), mainly because Tyra Banks is annoying (even though I still find this hilarious) and it's not like any of the girls are actually becoming famous or anything. But, regardless: So it was released last week that Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian are going to be guest judges on this upcoming season, which is just one of those infuriating bits of news that makes me despise the incestuous fame-whore-dom of reality television.

I understand that LC interned at Teen Vogue and People's Revolution and that Kim's family owns a boutique, but all that experience amounts to is knowing what clothes are supposed to look like. That's entirely different than knowing what models are supposed to photograph like and walk like, and really, neither LC nor Kim is famous for being an expert in fashion. They're famous for this kind of shit instead; let's be real.

and ...


Yeah, nudity and cattiness! Two things this blog can't live without.

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