Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC - Episode 1, Part 1

Beat Ya Feet Kings: From Washington, dance to go-go. The Washington Post just wrote a story about them, and this is the group's claim: "We're going to do things with our feet that people have never seen before."

The performance: Not bad, but not super-polished, either. One kid's hat fell off during but he didn't flip out, so that's good, but they just looked like they were thinking too hard and not being too spontaneous.

Here are the judges' comments:

Shane: "I love what y'all did with the footwork; I get it, but it was just a little sloppy to me. You gotta come correct on this show. ... You all have to come way harder than that."

Lil Mama: "I agree with Shane. You guys are obviously very, very, very passionate to be here ... but it's like you guys kinda stagnate your energy in your performance. I want y'all to keep your energy up. I just want y'all to open up and show us what DC is about, what that go-go is about."

JC: "I think it can be cleaned up in spots but I think it's just the beginning for you guys. I'd say clean it up, but when the go-go music kicked in, I love the energy you guys gave. You guys felt the music, and I loved that."

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Also, Lil Mama is wearing some ridiculous neon-pink fake gemstone jewelry set, I'll try to post photos of it later when MTV puts video clips up. Can someone just hire her a stylist? Is that really going to break their bank? Just cut back on Mario Lopez's hair-gel budget.

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