Thursday, August 27, 2009

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

Now that I'm a working professional - yeah girl! - I should probably get rid of all the outlandish shit in my closet and start investing in real stuff. Like, things that don't glow in the dark. And aren't neon. And don't have guns printed on them.

... Um ... yeah.

Anyway - plaid, black, tweed. Those are the (over-priced) staples.

Pictures below. You know the drill.

Seven Truths Dress by Insight, $77

Kay Dress by BB Dakota, $88

Lola Dress by BB Dakota, $75

Loretta Dress by BB Dakota, $78

Michelle Dress by BB Dakota, $80

Oh, and this made me vomit in my mouth. A bomber jacket/mini-dress hybrid? How much crack was smoked before this was sketched?

+ Photos courtesy of Karmaloop

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