Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm pretty sure I've watched every single show Bravo has put on in the past years, which is a testament to how crass and petty I like my television. If it's got cursing, boobs and stereotypical gay people, I'm in!

Which is why I'm so down with "The Rachel Zoe Project." I like clothes. I like obnoxious spending sprees. I love celebrity gossip. So ... the show, and its recently premiered second season, are all up on my to-do list.

And what I like most about this new season is the photo gallery on Bravo's website with a "What They're Wearing: Get the Look" feature. No, I'm not pressed on it because I have some kind of illogical fantasy about owning a Birkin bag. I just really, really like the Facebook-ready, mugshot-esque photos that are on display. For example:

Brad doing a sassy pose,

Taylor looking unsurprisingly pissed,

Rachel bearing a striking similarity to a succubus.

That all seems about right.

+ Photos courtesy of BravoTV

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