Friday, August 14, 2009

Shake it like a Polaroid picture. (Sorry, it was too easy.)

I was never a Polaroid person; they have too much of a hipster "yay! look at how cool and instant and ironically retro we are!" connotation. Every single person I went to college with who worked at the campus radio station seemed to magically materialize on Facebook each morning in a bunch of snapshots - meaning that these kids were taking pictures with a Polaroid camera, waving them dry and then either scanning them or taking pictures of the pictures with a digital camera in order to get them online. Ugh, so much effort for so much douchiness.

Or maybe they were secretly using Poladroid all the time. Posers!

But ... I have to admit that I find this little Fuji Instax Camera adorable.

So cute! So white like cocaine! So loved by the Japanese! So easily available at Urban Outfitters! The little hipster in me that I keep trying to massacre secretly rejoices.

+ Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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