Thursday, August 13, 2009

Die bitch die!

Here's an excerpt from a recent MTV story about Heidi Montag:

Heidi is also quite open about the fact that she doesn't care if other people, women in particular, don't like her. In fact, the more she's hated, the better. "If they aren't hating on you, then you're not doing anything right," she explained. "If women aren't jealous of you, talking about you and cutting you down, then you're a nerd, and I would never want to be that."

Fuck that bitch! Nerds are great. See below:

- Mila Kunis, who openly plays "World of Warcraft" and who Seth McFarlene, creator of "Family Guy," admitted to Maxim is "a Star Trek nerd, which you don't often see in somebody that hot."

- Olivia Munn, who kind of annoys me because she looks so good as a vaguely ethnic Princess Leia but hosts "Attack of the Show!" on G4 and admitted to Playboy that she spends time fixing up her computer. Have we even verified that Heidi Montag knows how to turn on a computer?

- Tricia Helfer, who played Cylon Six on "Battlestar Galactica." Cyborgs have never been so hot.

Also, I get that Montag's Playboy cover is supposed to look like dirt, but I think it makes her look like she's covered in poo. Or menstrual blood. Whichever.

+ Photos courtesy of MTV, The Superficial, Playboy

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