Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC - Episode 1, Part 6

Who's staying: Rhythm City; Vogue Evolution

Sudden-death: Fr3sh

So Fr3sh, Southern Movement and Beat Ya Feet Kings all have to perform to the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow."

Beat Ya Feet Kings went first: Tons of popping and locking and very precise, but it took a long time to get started and when you only have 30 seconds, that doesn't seem like the smartest idea.

Southern Movement: Similar with lots of intricate stuff, but also had line dancing and this section where nearly all the dancers became piano keys and one of their comrades stood above them and played them. Kinda awesome.

Fr3sh: Yes, shaking asses! They also used more actual choreography than Beat Ya Feet Kings and Southern Movement, and had a better balance between footwork and formations, but didn't do anything stupendously eye-catching.

The final verdict: Fr3sh is out. I hate Jersey too, but seriously? That's some bullshit; I thought they were really clean overall. Pour some out, kids.

Next week: The crews will all dance to jams from Beyonce. I'm hoping for a smackdown from Leiomy, and I'm gunning for Southern Movement. Hick-hop has got to go!

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