Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can only crazy broads pull off red lipstick?

I love the idea of going to rehab just as like, a routine thing you do!

I mean, sure, addiction sucks. I can understand that. But I hate the explanation of checking in to rehab as "routine." It's not routine. It's something you do when you're fucked up. Just be straight-up about it, you know?

In other news, what do you think Melanie Griffith's daily schedule look like? I imagine it being vaguely similar to this:

1. Wake up next to Antonio Banderas.

2. Marvel at my good luck.
3. Decide to go shopping.
4. Spend Antonio's money.
5. Reapply far too many layers of red lipstick over. And over. And OVER AGAIN.

6. Watch some soaps.
7. Get bored in the mid-afternoon.
8. Run out of red lipstick.
9. Fly into a frenzy.
10. Check into rehab.
11. Find red lipstick.
12. Stay in rehab. Got nothing else to do, right?

Am I right, or ... no, don't even argue. I'm just right.

+ Photos courtesy of the L.A. Times

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