Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC - Episode 1, Part 4

One of the women from Artistry in Motion says: "In the industry, you're expected to be a certain body type. I've been told over and over and over again that I can't be a dancer because of my body type, and one time I quit because of it and was lost without dancing. And now I'm back."

So all the women in this crew are dancers and teachers who feel "there's more to hip-hop than just shaking your bottom." I agree, but I'm pretty sure that shit doesn't show up on music videos for a reason, and that's probably because ... it's boring. Unsurprisingly, their performance was a little too artsy (ha) for me, and it just seemed like there were too many girls on stage and not enough shit actually happening.

Plus, I really, really hate American Apparel's denim leggings. That shit should be banned, forever.

Judges thought differently:

Lil Mama: "You guys are incredible ... you had the tightest choreography on the show tonight, by far. I enjoyed your performance."

Shane: "That was a flawless routine."

JC: "I thought you guys had a mostly clean routine, but the line at the end just did get a little flustered. But overall you did, you guys did have a really clean performance."

Next came Southern Movement, who coined the phrase "hick-hop." They claim they're not gimmicky, but dude, you guys danced to Dirks Bentley in plaid shirts and cowboy hats. How is that not inviting criticism?

Yet I am intrigued by that faux-gun move at the end. Kind of awesome.

JC: "I had fun with you guys, you were really animated. The guns blazing, that was nice at the end. The only thing I would say is think about your levels a little bit more ... but you guys were very entertaining."

Lil Mama: "I agree with JC, my favorite part was definitely the second half - hip-hop."

Shane: "I totally wasn't expecting that, but y'all actually can dance your butts off, and I didn't care too much for the music. But if I just watched y'all dance, you were ripping the stage tonight."

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