Friday, August 28, 2009

Head-shakingly distressing shit, indeed.

You know, sometimes, I just really fucking have no idea what to say. There are no words to fully grasp the ugliness of some stuff. And like, not even just the ugliness - but the sheer absurdity of the fact that someone thought this was a good idea, got other people to like it, convinced still more people to mass-produce it, and eventually got stores to stock it.

I just.

Cody Buckle Back Hidden Wedge Boot, $199


Ruby Gathered Hidden Wedge Boot, $99

Get it.

Bobbie Gathered Hidden Wedge Boot, $240

The only pair of shoes I like within 80%20's fall collection are these strappy half-wedges. They're kind of confusingly architectural, and I like that - and thankfully, they're not as overwhelmingly heavy-handed as the stuff above.

+ Photos courtesy of Karmaloop

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