Monday, August 3, 2009


I have a bizarre fascination with a lot of random things - see: the description of this blog for the "shiny things" and "bad music" categories - but when it comes to animals, I have this awkward affection for deer and owls. I don't know why those two; they're pretty hipster choices - for example, "hipster owl tattoo" on Google Images brings up 56,000 hits - but they just seem so fuzzy and cute and cuddly. Like, how could you not want these animals in your crew? I would.

However, I would not want this crap in my closet. This shit is ghastly.

So creepy! So unsettling! So weird to have an owl resting on your boobs and one on your nether-region!

I'll be wasting my dough on these instead, thx.

Deer Ring, Woodland Dear and Fawns, $19

+ Photos courtesy of Lulus, Etsy and ShopBop

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