Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Washington Post, shitting all over my existence.

Well, well, well. This is just astonishing.

Here are the things I find most bizarre:

1. That all three of President Barack Obama's assistants on this list (personal secretary Katie Johnson, personal aide Reggie Love and director of speechwriting Jon Favreau) are 27. Does that mean that in five years, I too will have a fantastic job? Please? I don't need to impact change, I just want to make lots of money. Morals, pfft.

2. FedEx deliverymen make $50k. I just ... there are no words. I have never once had a package come on time with FedEx, and now I learn that they're making ducats for fucking up my shit. Great.

3. A wedding planner only makes $21k. I thought people spent tons of money on their dresses, flowers, food, anything in relation to the big day. Shouldn't the person you entrust all of those responsibilities with similarly get some dough? Just a thought.

4. The editor in chief of the blog The New Gay makes $36k. Could I borrow their business plan? Kthx.

5. And lastly, Marion Berry is making $125,583. How is this man STILL A POLITICIAN? America sucks.

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