Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMAs - Jimmy Fallon, Video of the Year

OH GOD Russell Brand just called Jimmy Fallon "our generation's David Letterman." I literally want to kill myself. Pretty sure David Letterman has had a show for years and doesn't SUCK. Sure, I'd sleep with Fallon and not Letterman. But like, that's not saying much.

Also, they just presented Video of the Year to Beyonce for "Single Ladies." Wholly unsurprising, and given the other contestants, vaguely deserved. AND she just invited Taylor Swift onstage to "have her moment." Classier than I expected, actually.

P.S. They just cut to Lady Gaga who is wearing a WREATH MADE OF HAY AROUND HER FACE.

Dude, there are no more words. Really, just none.

+ Photo courtesy of MTV

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