Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen's in, Paula's out. But Ellen's out too (lesbian pun!).

So, I totally, completely, wholly did not expect this. Ellen DeGeneres replacing Paula Abdul as the fourth judge on "American Idol?" What does this even MEAN? Paula Abdul was always a bit of a wackjob, but she seemed genuinely encouraging and had experience in the music business. Ellen DeGeneres, while hilarious and married to possibly the hottest actual lesbian ever ...

... does not have musical experience. Does not know what it's like to make in that industry. Does not know what it takes to hit the right notes, cover a song well or flutter her hand just like Mariah Carey. I get that DeGeneres is a performer, and maybe she'll end up being the "charisma coach" or some bullshit, but it just seems weird.

In a way, Fox possibly lucked out, because she is an extremely popular daytime talkshow host - she win four Emmys in a row for Best Talkshow Host - and maybe that could translate to primetime, as well. But overall, there's something about this that rubs me kind of the wrong way. And no, that wasn't an allusion to her lesbianness. I SWEAR.

+ Photo courtesy of Hollywood Celebrity Pictures

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