Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quit it with that all "Whip It!"

I am vaguely interested in seeing "Whip It!," mainly because my best friend and I have some horrible torture death-wish for ourselves. But really, it looks kind of cute and Eve, Kristen Wiig and Andrew Wilson are all in it; that's reason enough for me, I think.

However, the extra downside to this is that all the recent "Whip It!" commercials feature "I Want You" by Fefe Dobson, which is SO catchy and has effectively burrowed into my brain. And while it works well with the bouncy-happy-hipster! vibe of the promos, my ability to tolerate it as a full song is not-so-good. See for yourself:

+ Photos courtesy of The Frat Pack, Ace Showbiz

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