Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMAs - Best New Artist.

Lady Gaga, who just won for Best New Artist, has changed outfits from this ...

and is now wearing this. HOW DOES SHE SEE? SRSLY.

Oh thank god she just took the mask off to make her acceptance speech. Also, Eminem's face is priceless, especially when she says this Moonman is "for God and for the gays."

Also, I'm sorry, Serena Williams is here? What the fuck, since she got kicked out of the U.S. Open she can make it to awards shows?

Her and Kanye should get together.

But yeah, Serena just introduced Pink, who is now performing "Sober" while doing circus acrobatics and hanging from an overhead bar. Oh and a boob is popping out with a pink heart painted on her nipple. Insane.

+ Photos courtesy of MTV

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