Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I will not be watching Monday nights.

My hatred of Jay Leno knows no bounds, and I'm pretty bummed that Conan O'Brien hasn't been doing as well since taking over the late night slot (even though this press release does a good job pretending). But yeah, this interview Leno did recently really didn't help him get redeemed in my eyes or anything.

In this piece by the New York Post, he kind of slams David Letterman (calling him a worse comedian than Leno) and then trash-talked "Lipstick Jungle." What the fuck, dude? The top 10 lists ...

and Brooke Shields wearing dumb things ...

are far more worthwhile to me than you and your chin. It's just SO BIG.

+ Photos courtesy of Taytaypepes, Inside SoCal

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