Friday, September 18, 2009

I've just got so many thoughts.

Sorry for the lack of posts; this week has been shitty. To deal, I've been amusing myself with the following things:

1. Christian Joy, the woman who does Karen O.'s costumes, did a line inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are." Here are some pics:

Overall, the pieces are ridiculous but also fucking amazing, considering how much work it must have taken for all of them to come together. Although, Joy admits that she hadn't read the book before this point; what the fuck, did she not have a childhood?

2. These have been making me chuckle.

Like, what? Who in their right mind would wear elbow-length leather gloves? Besides like, me, Rihanna and Aunty Entity, I'm going to guess no one.

3. Fashion Week wrapped up with some sick shit. You can see for yourself.

+ Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Yahoo Movies, NY Fashion Week

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