Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I will be busy every Tuesday at 10 p.m. for the next few months, kthx.

So tonight was the premiere of the second season of "Sons of Anarchy." I've anxiously awaited the show's return for months, and this trailer kept me pretty excited for the past few weeks.

And let me just say, with all the shit that went down in tonight's first hour, shit just got SO FUCKING REAL. There are no other words. Just, FX continues to blow my fucking mind. That network is the creator of the best shows on television - period.

Seriously, if you try to argue HBO, I will punch you. I love "Sex and the City," too, but if you attempt to say it's a better all-around TV show than "The Shield," we're going to have some fucking problems.

Oh, and "Sons of Anarchy" of course satiates my white trash lust - mainly with Charlie Hunnam, who plays main character Jax Teller.

Yeah, unkempt weaves and facial hair on men! You're my soft spot. But the show hasn't made me secretly want to hit it with neo-Nazis or anything. In fact, tonight's episode scared the fuck out of me when it comes to them - especially Henry Rollins, who plays the show's scariest villain yet.

Just look at that face. The man who would have no problem fucking gnawing your face off and then writing a really eloquent poem about it. Trust.
+ Photos courtesy of Monsters and Critics


  1. wait. I happen to like entourage. Hung as crude as it is has some funny moments. Too bad I have to fast forward through like 1/3 the show. Although not sold on True Blood. But I like Monday nights on CBS a lot! big bang theory, how I met your mother, and 2.5 men are all entertaining and funny. Thursday nights on NBC are alright too although the Office is slowing down and that Parks show is just a rip off of the office. I guess I'll have to try watching this sons of anarchy thing. hello internet!

  2. I'm not surprised you're not into True Blood; I really think only girls watch it. And Sons of Anarchy may be too intense for you - a good amount of nudity and sexual situations - but you should go for it. It's SO GOOD.