Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never been kissed - I WISH.

Drew Barrymore, what the fuck.

First, you wear this Avril Lavigne-like get-up to some press stop. What are you, a cracked-out Catholic school-going 15-year-old?

Then, you do this hot-mess, Hot Topic-fueled fuckery to your hair. This shit either cost like $800 at the salon, or you did it while fucked up in your bathroom one night. Its a toss-up, really.

And lastly, you go ahead and kiss Ellen Page, who stars with you in your directorial debut "Whip It!," in Marie Claire.

Last time I checked, Marie Claire is a magazine for women. Kissing another woman in a women's magazine WILL NOT MAKE MEN COME SEE YOUR MOVIE. You're not even getting lipstick-lesbianism right, trick! You should be embarassed.

+ Photos courtesy of The Superficial

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