Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ethical frustrations, the yooj.


Dear Washington Post,

Why did you have to fuck me over this week? Sure, you printed lots of excerpts from Levi Johnston's tell-all to Vanity Fair about how much the Palin family sucks a huge dick. And I appreciate that; really, I do.

But you also wrote a story about a "cuddler" running around Georgetown's campus molesting girls and how frustrating it is for students and police. Great. You know what else was frustrating for Washington, D.C.-area college students and cops? The College Park cuddler, who has been molesting girls for almost two years now, hasn't been caught by cops either and apparently isn't important enough for The Washington Post to cover. I guess really rich white girls getting molested is more important than upper middle-class white girls getting molested. Oops. I should have known; if it bleeds, it reads, right?

Continuously annoyed with your journalistic choices,

- Me.

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  1. Both links in the second graph lead to the same WaPo article. Assuming the second was intended to be a Diamondback article...