Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jack + Rose 4-EVR.

Got my new issue of Nylon today. Has Zoe Saldana from "Avatar" on the cover.

It also included some good stuff, like the fact that Edun, this eco-conscious fashion line that Bono helped start (I know he kind of sucks, but keep reading), is creating a new make-up line for Sephora that will hit stores in May. has more info on it; proceeds from the palettes will go toward the Bronx Zoo.

I'm down! The colors look pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty.

Other things I'm a sucker for: The idea that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet could get back together and make all my childhood fantasies come true.

Yeah, yeah, GossipCop tears apart the rumors that Leo broke up Kate's marriage to second husband Sam Mendes. But I NEED this to be true. "Titanic" has to be real! Just not the part where Jack dies.

Fuck that part.

+ Photos courtesy of JustJared, RealStyleNetwork, OMG! Yahoo, Blogspot

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