Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is Jeffrey Campbell a real man? Can I marry him?

So I was like, super-excited about buying these.

And then they sold out in the three hours that I wasn't sitting in front of my computer yesterday. Awesome. I considered weeping, etc.

But then I got to thinking: Maybe this is some kind of sign from the shoe-gods that I don't need to look like a member of Orgy (the BAND, don't be afraid to click) this spring. Maybe I don't need to be stomping around in super-high black leather boots. Perhaps, instead, I should be flouncing around in similarly super-high clogs or something:

And like, I guess they're cute, but I just don't know if I want them. Do I trust myself in five-inch heels? Doubtful.

Sigh. Let's be honest about my stupidity. They'll probably be shipping to me by next week. Whomp whomp.

+ Photos courtesy of Solestruck, LorisShoes, Nordstrom


  1. i hate you so much.

    also, assuming this man does exist, do you really think there's any chance at all that he DOESN'T like dick?

  2. I totally feel your pain. I bought a pair of his EXAMS online in my delirious insomniac state last night. But they were the one's minus the studs. I was upset at first thought I was gonna weep, but maybe it's a sign from the shoe-gods that I have too many studs in my wardrobe? Lol Jeffrey Campbell has become an obsession, nay, religion...


  3. Jeffrey is a real man. He is married to a woman. I know I know. Dealing with this is hard.

  4. to Vinny: absolutely a religion.

    to Ty: it's tough to deal with. I'll probably cope with my pain by ... buying more of his shoes, let's be real.