Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weird images, galore!

I'm procrastinating on getting some work done; it's what I do best. So instead, I'm going to keep shaking my head at the bizarreness of these pictures. Trust me, you'll understand.

1. Why is Alicia Keys trying to pull a Prince here? Only that man can succeed with stupidly shaped instruments and sequined pants. ONLY HIM.

2. Is Olivia Munn wearing clothes? This confuses me. When you're known for not wearing anything, I don't understand why you would shroud yourself in some fuggo dress that is drapey and bunchy and looks like it came out of Mrs. Roper's closet. Not cool.

3. So ... has Billy Bob Thornton always been this scrawny? Maybe it's just because he's standing next to Dwayne Johnson, who is so absurdly muscular and jacked, but Billy Bob is looking real childish and effeminate here. That man-weave on his head isn't helping. Oh Angelina, Brad Pitt really WAS an upgrade in every way possible, wasn't he?

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo

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