Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't worry, this doesn't mean I've stopped hating them or anything.

I knew that the Kardashian sisters had launched a new clothing line with bebe, but I didn't know that they were promoting it by actually wearing the clothes. And by "they were promoting it," I meant, "Kim is promoting it," because I doubt Khloe's Amazonian body could fit into anything from bebe and Kourtney is recovering from pregnancy-fat. Sooo ... yeah.

And while I'm not really sure if the sisters completely ripped the line off of others (even though this article kind of seems bulletproof), I don't totally hate what they did, which is shocking for me. Some of it is totally janky, yeah, but most of it isn't awful. I know, I may be having an aneurysm.

But like, this one-shoulder wet-look dress, that Kim has worn around? Not horrible. Or a dress with some leather-inset pattern on the sleeve? Could be cheaper at Forever 21, but hey, it's not vomit-inducing. Lastly, this goddess-like wrap dress? I think I actually want it. I mean, white is a HORRIBLE color choice, but this is the Kardashians. I'm not expecting real fashion here. Let's be serious.

Also, how does one GET a cupcake line?

Cuz I eat a lot of cupcakes. And I really think Kim Kardashian doesn't. Just throwing that out there.

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo, Celebuzz

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