Friday, March 26, 2010

From Hilton to Harlow.

I feel like among all the trashy socialites/famous celebrity spawn in Hollywood, I have to respect Nicole Richie. She used to be a trashbox who looked like this and hung out with Paris Hilton; now she's a respectable adult in a stable relationship with Joel Madden (of all fucking people) and the mother of two daughters, including 2-year-old Harlow, who apparently goes to toddler exercise classes, which I find hilarious:

And she also has an accessory line, House of Harlow, which is named after her first daughter. But there's something about the shoes in the line, which recently were released, that are just not doing it for me:

Pearl Scaled Leather Heel, $225

Rooney Strappy Heel, $225

Misha Boot, $275

Tan Maddie Moccasin Bootie, $225

Kind of janky, no? They kind of ooze Forever 21 to me, especially the latter two. Like, the first two? OK, if they were free, I'd wear them. But the others, not even a bargain bin price could get those on my feet. But like ... I still approve of Nicole Richie's life. Not everyone can bounce back from Paris Hilton unscathed, you know?

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo, Kitson

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