Monday, October 26, 2009

Stepping up on defense.

So a lot of blogs have been ragging lately on some recent outfits from Dita Von Teese and Shakira, and I've got to step up and defend two of my fave womenz.

For example, GoFugYourself crapped all over Dita's latest look:

While OMG! Yahoo both snarked about Shakira's Versace gown and her hair, which they said has "never looked more disappointing:"

Now, I may just have scarfed down too many Tylenols and bottles of Diet Coke this morning, but WTF is the issue here? Dita Von Teese is all about goofy, vaguely vintage looks, and I kind of find her head-piece charming. Plus, remember how she's not having sex with Marilyn Manson anymore? Isn't that always a plus?

And regarding Shakira - look, you naggity bitches. The woman's waist is like, 20 inches or something, and I'm pretty sure if Beyonce was wearing something like that people would be busting a nut. For example, does anyone remember this little number?


/End rant.

+ Photos courtersy of LaineyGossip, OMG! Yahoo, PhotoBucket

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