Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News in the news.

The journalism industry is dying, blah blah blah (I'm just regurgitating what my parents keep saying to me when they lecture me about my future), and these recent stories regarding the media world have kind of got me in a tizzy ...

+ First, CNN is in the fourth - and last - place in ratings for prime-time cable news, according to The New York Times. I guess objectivity really is a dying practice. I mean, in my opinion, Anderson Cooper ...

... is more tolerable than Bill O'Reilly/Nancy Grace/etc., but apparently I'm in the minority here.

+ Secondly, the new editor of Washingtonian magazine, Garrett Graff, is a 28-year-old Harvard educated dude who jumped into journalism after working as Howard Dean's national press secretary when he was a teenager. This guy:

Read the full story if you want to learn more about all the opportunities that got thrown at him (presumably because of his parents' connections, as one was a high-up in the Associated Press and the other a well-respected children's book author), but I think his last quote sums it up pretty well: "I have traditionally done pretty well proving to people I'm capable of that which I've been given, or earned, depending on how one looks at it." Key word: given.

... while this other one has me somewhat pleased:

+ The obnoxiously pretentious Washington, D.C.-based blog Brightest Young Things ventured into event-hosting this past month with a series of comedy concerts, and according to a story by The Washington Post, they ended up in the red because not as many people attended the shows as they would have thought and things didn't end up going as they hoped. Boohoo. I love reveling in other people's somewhat-failures. And yes, I'm looking forward to hell. I'm sure the Devil loves alcohol just as much as I do.

+ Photos courtesy of ScrapeTV, MSNBC

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