Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Umbrella," this ain't.

I'm more than a little nervous about Rihanna coming back to the music game. She's taken a good amount of time off after the whole break-up with Chris Brown, and though she has done some stuff here and there - there was "Run This Town," and the song "Contemplate" from Wale's upcoming "Attention: Deficit" album features clips from her song "Question Existing" ...

... but I worry about her next album. First of all, there's her first single:

This shit is BORING. AS. FUCK. Who is Rihanna trying to be, Celine Dion? The single's cover -

- with a cupless corset and barbed wire, cannot jive with a song this bad. It's INCONCEIVABLE.

And then there the cover for her upcoming album, "Rated R" ...

... Riri, really? I'm not trying to see the shitty stars tattoo you share with your violent ex. I'm trying to see your face. Is that so much to ask?!

You see why I'm worried, right? Though the album's producer keeps claiming "Rated R" is going to be "so great," I feel like the evidence is weighing against it.

Lastly, MTV points out that both Chris Brown's and Rihanna's new singles launched within 24 hours. I swear, if this is a sign of a reconciliation, I am going to flip a bitch.

+ Photos courtesy of Dlisted, Sohh

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