Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoes my boyfriend would call stupid, etc.

Chloë Sevigny is one crazy skankbag.

Let's be honest: Though she's not a bad actress, she's basically infamous for giving Vincent Gallo an actual blowjob during the filming of his movie "The Brown Bunny." And no, I'm not going to put pictures of that up here. You know why? Because naked boobs > naked penises. I'm just not ready to put dick up on my blog, you heard?

But anyway - so Sevigny is known for that BJ and for having some super-heavy hipster style (which fashion blog Go Fug Yourself has rampantly torn apart for the past few years), and though her looks aren't that accepted by the mainstream, they landed her this footwear partnership with the store Opening Ceremony ...

... which I OF COURSE want to own. The shoes were sold out everywhere for a while, and now, they have invaded my dreams/give me something to look at while I'm bored at work. Was that surprising to anyone reading this? No? OK, good.

Also, Jeffrey Campbell has these very similar knock-offs, but I feel like they're pretty meh - like, the leather looks really cheap. Just a thought.

+ Photos courtesy of Team Sugar, ShopBop, Nasty Gal Vintage

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