Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is why I don't buy CDs.

Dear Rihanna,

Am I supposed to be shocked by your new album cover?

Because I'm not. It's pretty much everything I expected. Lots of eyeliner? Check. Your peroxide-happy weave? Sure. A slightly trite but still cute edginess? Yay!

Here's to hoping the other songs are better than "Russian Roulette,"

Skeptical but still supportive,


P.S. Do you know if Adam Lambert is for real with this "For Your Entertainment" shit?

Because somewhere out there in the world, I think Boy George is lustful and jealous. Oh, and now I fully know what it's like to quote "too gay to function" from "Mean Girls" in a COMPLETELY FITTING SETTING.

+ Photos courtesy of Dlisted, AutoStraddle

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