Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's "UGH, fuck THAT!" edition.

The daily WTF round-up:

1. The Washington Post does a (completely unnecessary) story on the $5.7 million mansion that MTV uses for "The Real World: Washington, D.C." Since the cast leaves Washington this month (get off my turf, douchebags!), reporter Dan Zak got invited in and perused the home, noting how MTV tried to localize it by including pictures of Metro system maps (so colorful!) ...

... and Ben's Chili Bowl. Against my better judgment, I'm intrigued. I'll probably regret this as soon as the show airs in December.

2. Forbes magazine lays off as many as 100 people. Yes, Forbes, the magazine about rich people whose constantly stupid lists drive me crazy. I find this sadly ironic.

3. Disgraced reporter Jayson Blair (yup, that asshole went to the same journalism school I did) is apparently speaking at a seminar on media ethics. The title? "Lesson Learned." This is not OK! This dude has enough balls to have angelic press photos of himself taken ...

... and also make money preaching about shit he obviously knows nothing about? Or, at least didn't respect for years on end? I call BOOSHIT.

4. Violence against women in the media has risen 120 percent in the past five years. I don't know to blow this off, because this study points out examples like cartoon violence on "Family Guy" (which I don't give a fuck about), or take it seriously because it's such a huge increase. Definitely something to think about the next time I'm watching a dead porn star on "Sons of Anarchy" ... yup, maybe you should have watched this week. Just sayin'.

+ Photos courtesy of Mappery, Pop and Politics

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