Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you think Maury and Connie actually do it?

Uhhh, so Lilo's dad is going on "Maury" to talk about his daughter's addictions?

I AM THERE. I LOVE ME SOME MAURY. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! It's the best part of daytime TV.

However, I do feel like Michael Lohan's pleadings (which are more for fame than out of actual concern for Lilo, but still) will fall on deaf ears. Much like how Maury's encouraging words for this overweight kid ...

... probably got transformed into a sandwich and eaten by the Fat Fairy.

Oh yeah, the Fat Fairy - it's this new urban legend I'm starting. Bitch comes in the middle of the night and leaves treats under your pillow.

I'm pushing for Kirstie Alley to get the part.

+ Photos courtesy of Quickblogcast, NY Daily News

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