Sunday, October 4, 2009

Will the real Slim Shady PLEASE REAPPEAR?

I'm pretty embarrassed by my attraction to Drake - it's ONLY A LITTLE BIT, OK? - but I have no problems with admitting that he's a pretty awful rapper. For example, his song "Forever" with Kanye, Lil Wayne and Eminem is not, at all, good.

I mean, I'm definitely sure that Malcolm X would crawl out of the grave and beat Drake to death for comparing the two. "Labels want my name beside the X like Malcolm" - that shit is NOT ALRIGHT. The kid needs to learn some respect.

But lastly, the only thing this song really has going for it is the verse from Eminem - which, as my boyfriend pointed out last week, sounds like vintage, angry, white-trash Eminem, not the faux-Jamaican-accented lame-o who raps about Kim Kardashian.

Just go to 4:56 in the song, that's all you need from this LeBron James-helmed shitshow. Or watch the YouTube clip below that's just Em's verse. Whichever.

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