Monday, October 19, 2009

The mixtape about nothing, indeed.

So, am I the only person in the world who is sick of hearing about Wale?

It seems like people have been talking about the Washington, D.C.-area rapper forever, and it's annoying to me not only as someone from the area but also as a fan of hip-hop. Wale sounds like Diet Kanye, and not in a good, less-unnecessarily-angry way, but in a let's-rhyme-about-sneakers way. There are a lot of other mainstream rappers who are far worse in their lyrical affections for girls and money, but there's something about how underwhelming Wale is (especially during the VMAs earlier this year) ...

... that makes all the hype seem overblown.

And you know, maybe it's not even that people have been chatting Wale up for a long time, but that The Washington Post keeps writing about him and all of his potential and how great he is, and I'm just sick of reading about it (here and here and here).

If that wasn't enough, the Post did another story this weekend on how Wale's success could lead to more hip-hop attention for Washington. Maybe it could. Or maybe reading about Wale will piss off so many people who don't give a crap about his "Seinfeld"-themed rhymes that they'll just tune out, not listen to anything he releases and align themselves with local radio station WKYS, which has been bashing him with an on-air parody of his song "Chillin'." I'm fine with all those options.

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