Friday, October 16, 2009

Umm, not totally bananas.

You know, it's been almost a week since this season of "The Rachel Zoe Project" finished up on Bravo (the season finale was Monday) and it's also been almost a week since Zoe's much-talked-about accessories line finally launched on QVC, which I ... still don't know if I like yet.

I mean ... fur, hugely gaudy accessories and absurd berets all look good on Zoe. But on the mass public? I'm not quite sure. I think the only things I really like her 30-or-so item line are the jewelry pieces like these ...

... and even then, they're kinda meh. Good for her, though, I guess - she does know what the fuck she's talking about. KARL LAGERFELD HIMSELF changed a couture dress based on the woman's suggestion (his Chanel dress on the left, the one that he changed for Cameron Diaz based on Zoe's suggestion on the right).

Let's give respect where its due. Just not our money into her pockets.

+ Photos courtesy of QVC, Hollywood for Uglies

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