Friday, October 16, 2009

Righteous indignation!

Here's the sitch:

Me, bored at work. Me, flipping through OMG! Yahoo's photo albums. Me, looking at their "2 Hot 2 Handle" section. Me, absurdly offended by their commentary on this photo of Sophia Bush from "One Tree Hill" -

- because, according to OMG! Yahoo, Bush has "stuffed herself" into this dress.




SERIOUSLY? Because, in my pissed-off-kinda-feminist-but-not-really opinion, she looks happy and healthy and fit and like she actually EATS something on a regular basis instead of starving herself on Posh's three-grapes diet or binging like Jessica Simpson's emotionally ridiculous ass. And that kind of natural beauty deserves a "stuffed" judgment?

SO happy that Google continues to rape Yahoo in terms of being a better search engine/lifestyle choice/benefit to the Earth (yup, even by having more followers on Twitter). SO HAPPY.

+ Photo courtesy of OMG! Yahoo

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