Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hopefully Spike Jonze won't fuck it up too badly.

Whoever is doing the product tie-in marketing for the upcoming "Where the Wild Things Are" film adaptation is a fucking genius, because all I've been seeing wherever I go is merchandise for the movie. For example, Barnes and Noble is selling plush toys and puppets related to the book, while Urban Outfitters has an entire collection of clothes, artwork and books about it.

And now Opening Ceremony has a line of clothes, jewelry and accessories tied to "Where the Wild Things Are," with jackets, dresses and skirts inspired by characters and necklaces, bracelets and rings centered on important scenes from the book. It's all expensive as fuck (and most of it, like this Max Suit, is sold out, which is vaguely astonishing) but is anyone really surprised that I'm lusting after all of it? Probably not. Actually, definitely not. That would be a safer bet.

The only thing I think I'd pass on is this headband ... you know, cuz having horns on your head isn't really my sad-Hot-Topic-kid cup of tea.

+ Photos courtesy of Opening Ceremony

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