Saturday, January 30, 2010

Headline news! Well, kind of.

I spent a lot of today watching bad movies ("Point Break," "Sleepy Hollow," whatever); being angry that the worthless trick Ke$ha has a pair of shoes named after her that I kind of actually like, even though they are fucking absurdly expensive ...

... and reading the newz. It's what I do! Lazy Saturdays; I'm sure you know the drill.

1. Apparently classical music has absurdly low record sales and could basically be in danger of disappearing from recording altogether. I don't listen to classical music - like, EVER - but it's interesting to see just how fucked up and low record sales really are. Kind of sucks for the future of music, I'd think.

2. The cast of "Jersey Shore" is coming back for a second season, which ... could possibly not be set in New Jersey? I don't understand the point of this, but MTV makes bad decisions all the time, so whatever. Granted, I still have managed to escape actually watching the show, so ... I'll probably love it if I actually watch it. Let's be honest.

3. Author Nicholas Sparks calls his novel, "Dear John," which is being made into a movie with Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum, a modern-day "Casablanca."

It's cool that the movie is now totally ruined for me by the own author giving away the ending. THANKS DUDE.

4. Am I the only person for whom Obama's shine is starting to dull? Because his administration's decision to step up arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations in order to thwart Iran, a country he has claimed to want to work closer with diplomatically, is ... pretty much hypocritical. My boyfriend points out to me that this happened a few years ago, too, and is pretty standard arms race bullshit, but that doesn't make me any less pissed off.

5. The Ravens have just hired Jim Zorn, disgraced former head of the Washington Redskins, as their new quarterbacks coach. I think that a lot of Zorn's failure with the Redskins was because of how much of a douche Daniel Snyder is, but ... if Joe Flacco starts fucking up majorly next year, I know who to blame.

Looking at you, d00d! This is prob the face Zorn made when he realized he had a new job, btw. Recession, man. That shit sucks.

+ Photos courtesy of Solestruck, Clevver, RealityTea, Evening Sun, TaylorMadeTirade


  1. UGHHHHH! Really? New coach? BLEH. Poor Joe :(

  2. Jim Zorn...Ravens...whhhhaaaaatttt?! That's crazy. I thought he would just disappear after ending things so badly. He can do really sweet tricks with a football, therefore qualifying him to be a quarterback coach...and I guess being a quarterback himself too...weird.

    And the Jersey could you not?!