Monday, January 18, 2010

A hairy situation - ha! Oh, cliches.

People's hair has been freaking me out lately. Has anyone else noticed there's been a lot of nasty unshavenness and stuff going on? I'm not going to front - sometimes it's winter and I don't give a fuck about shaving because like, REALLY, who is going to notice my stubbly legs under jeans? But I'm not a public figure who's out and about, or AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES, so I think my sometime-grossness can be overlooked.

This, however, can not: Neither Mo'Nique's unshaven legs - which has now become some nasty calling card of hers, as she's done it on red carpets before - nor Amanda Palmer's (of the Dresden Dolls) overgrown armpits are acceptable given that they're at one of the year's most popular awards shows. Like, at all.

And I get that Rihanna's bleached faux-hawk thing is her new look, and I kind of like it, but it has become mad raggedy, no? It kind of seems like a bunch of straw just attached itself to her head and is chilling there. If only I could get away with such unkemptness ...

+ Photos courtesy of Celebuzz, PopSugar, GoFugYourself

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