Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes outfits, come to me!

For anyone who didn't know already, the Golden Globes are tonight (look, people setting it up!); I'll try to watch while suffering through a lengthy to-do list that includes "shower" and "update your blog." Overwhelming, I know.

But before I spend most of tomorrow updating with pictures of the night's best- and worst-dressed, I want to go into tonight on a positive note, mainly defined by these two hot pieces: Marion Cotillard and Heather Graham on the red carpet of the Critics' Choice Awards on Friday. You probably already heard about the Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock kiss that went down:

However, I'm not trying to vomit at the idea of two old-ish women making out, so here, have Cotillard and Graham.

Rejoice, genitals! Two hot pieces > two middle-aged women unnecessarily kissing, any day of the week. Now, on to the Golden Globes/a return to my sanity/hoping Bullock and Streep don't kiss again. I don't think my little brain could handle it.

+ Photos courtesy of Dlisted

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