Friday, January 15, 2010

Vogue fails again.

So Jessica Biel is February's cover for Vogue. And my reaction is a solid "WTF?"

My boyfriend is all about Jessica Biel; he probably would have sex with her any situation, ever. But this is VOGUE. Last time I checked, you had to be vaguely relevant, or doing some kind of timely project, or, well, ANYTHING, to be on its cover. Yet the only thing Jessica Biel has lined up is a role in the ensemble "Valentine's Day," which looks pretty horrible -

- and the part of Bradley Cooper's love interest in "The A-Team," which doesn't come out for a few months. Oh, and she's dating Justin Timberlake. Right, cuz that matters - I mean, I would kill to date that hot piece. But like, so what? Is being someone's arm candy really enough to be the cover of the most powerful fashion magazine in the world?

Plus, the WHOLE FUCKING STORY is about like, 'Ooh, Jessica Biel is ABOUT to make it big.' Really? Cuz she's been in the industry for like a decade and still not broken into the upper echelon. I really don't give a fuck how normal she is, because she should be: She hasn't done anything popular enough yet to justify becoming an uppity bitch. So ... yeahhhh ... Meh.

And, lastly, I think the photos are ugly. She seems unhealthy, like she's lost of weight lately, something the article mentions but then doesn't follow up on (yay, journalism!). Bleh. Fail, Anna Wintour. FAIL.

+ Photos courtesy of Vogue

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