Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kat Von D, why?!

So Michael K of Dlisted guesses that Kat Von D got some work done based on these pictures of her at Saturday's At of Elysium's charity event in Los Angeles, and I ... kind of agree. Here was Kat Von D last night ...

... and here she was back at some event in February 2009 ...

... and, more recently, here she is in the latest issue of Inked magazine, for February 2010.

Now, I know magazines work months in advance, and I ALSO know a thing or two about plastic surgery, given that I'm Iranian and nose-jobs are like, a rite of passage for my people. And, I must say, Kat Von D's nose is looking a little more narrow, and her lips are looking a little more plump, and her eyebrows a little more arched. She doesn't look like she fell into a vat of acid, like Rose McGowan now does, but she's looking a bit meh. This shouldn't really surprise me, because she's covered in tattoos and obviously doesn't mind altering her body, but I kind of hoped Kat Von D would be above that whole vanity-surgery-thing.

And also above ugly dresses. Bummer on both fronts.

+ Photos courtesy of Dlisted, StupidCelebrities, Now That's Pimpin'

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