Monday, January 18, 2010

I think this is my last Golden Globes post. I promise!

Cuz Golden Globes coverage continued into today, that also means that MY coverage has continued into today. And by "MY coverage," I really mean I fawned over pretty pictures of celebrities at work. Yup, I work hard for the money. Whatever, I don't even care - it was a federal holiday and I still had to go into the newsroom. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Anyway, here goes:

Kate Winslet: Girl, you so classy. You basically ooze elegance. I would like to one day grow up and be just like you, as in, be married to Sam Mendes, who directed "American Beauty," and still consider Leonardo DiCaprio, who you also had numerous sexy make-outs with, one of your bffs. Give it to me, thx.

Sofia Vergera: Hmmm. She's normally so hot on "Modern Family,' but there's something about this dress that is really underwhelming. Is it the bleh navy color? The unnecessary burgundy trim? I'm not quite sure, but it's kind of meh either way.

Halle Berry: Dear god, woman. You are so fantastically hot that my brain hurts just looking at you, AND your muscular back. Flaunt it! Also, is Gabriel Aubry at home with your kid? Way to flip that whole patriarchy thing on it's head! Ingenious.

Jon Hamm: "Mad Men" + a Unabomber-like beard = Dreamy.

Robert Downey Jr.: Oh, RDJ! Your poses are exquisite, and I'm a big fan - fucking obviously. If there's one former drug addict who I can get behind you, it's you, buddy.

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo, The Superficial

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  1. The lady from Modern Family: I did not understand that dress either, it looked like a badly sewn dupioni silk curtain. Halle Berry is one of those rare women who looks fantastic with very short hair. Robert D. Jr. is such a great actor, he deserves so many kudos.